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Build student confidence and get them excited to go to university this Autumn.


2020 has been horrendous for the student community but at the same time it has been the making of them.

This idea is only positive as it helps unite this community by rebuilding confidence and belief that going to university will provide the bright future they all crave.

In essence this is a David vs Goliath story. Many of today’s students feel the world is against them but we want to show them they can overcome adversity.


Emotionally we engage the students by helping them recalibrate their perceptions from negative to positive.

We want to empower them through testimonial-style vignettes that focus on relatable emotions but with a positive twist. These will point them towards university with added enthusiasm and belief that they can achieve their dreams.

The concept was tested with UCAS' student advisory group and to a larger sample through YouthSight.

The majority of feedback was extremely positive – with respondents using words like ‘motivational’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘bold’. We were also very creative with our thinking. This campaign had limited budget, so we rallied the key HE media to play their part in this campaign by offering FOC or very competitively priced space across their online platforms.


Right now they need support and need to feel that they are not alone.

By giving them this we get their attention and earn their trust. We are then able to influence them towards university as it promises to help them achieve their dream job.

Key Numbers
6m impressions
over the first 10 days across
0 million
#2020MADEUS was trending
in 3rd place on Twitter.
Trending  10 rd