Introducing Cubed Roundtable

Introducing Cubed Roundtable

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At Education Cubed we feel there is more we can do to proactively address social issues that affect the lives of Cubed’s clients and employees. As a society, many of us struggle through, internalising the stresses that certain social issues can bring to our daily lives. As a team, we have come together to create The Cubed Roundtable. The Roundtable is designed to be a platform where participants feel comfortable to talk openly about the effect a selected social issue can have on individuals. It is also a platform to discuss where as a business we can do more to address the chosen issue, both internally and externally.

The core element of the platform is open discussion. As a team we are a relatively diverse group of people from all walks of life; all of us have personal insights to offer. By having these more difficult conversations regularly, we hope to create a more open environment in the workplace. This, in turn, will lead to a deeper understanding of issues which affect our friends and colleagues, enabling further discussion internally but more importantly within society.

We will be hosting these sessions internally discussing a broad range of subjects and discussing actions that we can implement. We will then feed these discussions into our CubedThinks series on our website, sharing any useful resources and action plans. Our first session held recently discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and what we could do to ensure diversity at Cubed and tackle anything that may impact our BAME employees. We will post our discussion points and insights from this session as our first Roundtable post.