New media solutions to enhance your campaigns

New media solutions to enhance your campaigns

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PG and PhD specialists continue to grow in 2021 with another partnership, this time with The Ambassador Platform, to allow for peer-to-peer conversations between your student ambassadors and prospective students on This will allow users of the site to engage even faster with those in the know at your institution, provided your institution has a TAP account.

Integration costs £500 per year, however if you don’t have a TAP account, not to worry. FAU customers have access to a FREE 6-month trial of The Ambassador Platform. All you’ll need to do is fill out this enquiry form to get started.

For UniBuddy customers, an integration for this is also now available. This also comes at £500 +VAT per year for those with an Institution profile, and as well as TAP, those new to UniBuddy can also try a FREE 6-month trial of UniBuddy Lite, which will be a more limited service but a good option if your institution is new to online peer-to-peer communications.

Cubed says: Connecting prospects with the right students that can answer their questions is key when attracting PG applicants, and streamlining this process also gives institutions another direct touchpoint with prospects. The inclusion of UniBuddy will bring even more institutions on board but it remains to be seen how rates will compare. FAU are the only PG partner currently offering such a product, and clearly see its potential. However, we will likely see other providers offer similar integrations going forward, so watch this space.


Audiomob: This audio ads provider works within the mobile gaming apps segment, which sees around 50 billion monthly impressions (UK) and 20 million unique monthly users (UK) playing these apps. Audiomob allows us to target these users (via geo-fencing, DMP segments and contextually through selected apps) with short, non-disruptive audio ads that play whilst the user is engaging with the app. Examples of how this works can be found here.

These audio ads, combined with a 300x50px mobile banner, have seen average CTRs of around 0.5% to 1%, well above average for display or audio. The example campaigns above, whilst not within the HE sector, have been used to target similar audiences of the same age and have seen great engagement. There is no minimum spend but audio ads can be bought at £10 CPM.

Spaceback: This partner provides a platform for marketing teams to redeploy social media posts as display ads across the web, and appear similarly to Facebook’s Audience Network. The big difference is that Spaceback can allow the reuse of organic posts from your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok, and give these posts another breath of life on the display network. These ads also carry over the logo, likes and comment counts, and keep these updated by the hour, so that any social user clicking on these areas can engage on your social platforms as well as follow the click through to a specified landing page. CPM can differ depending on original post type, and can be added on top of any current DSP campaign. Find out more here or contact your account manager for more details.

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