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From fast food to fashion, Burger King are dipping their feet into the clothing industry. What do high-street fast food know about fashion and design? Is this sales madness or genius marketing?

BBH London has collaborated with fashion designer Katie Eary to create a range of food-covered Burger King shirts that make sure the wearer’s dressed to spill.

This is yet another highly innovative concept by Burger King that will create headlines and deliver cut through, as they perfectly understand the mindset of their target market.

This audience want to be seen wearing the shirt, not only as it provides a comically rhetorical benefit but also because BK are an exciting youth brand they want to be associated with. This is due to their innovative and disruptive approach, which they have beautifully fine-tuned over the past few years that has seen them become the masters of controversy with campaigns including ‘Burn the Ad’, ‘Google Home of the Whopper’ and ‘Whopper Detour’.

The fall campaign is just as brilliant! Not only are the shirts limited edition, which creates desirability and urgency, but to get your saucy hands on one you must download and engage with the BK app first. The next stage shows the power of the BK brand as the audience will wear the shirts – becoming walking adverts while also, posting and sharing on countless social platforms creating an influential organic social campaign that many brands could only dream about.

Their approach is to take risks, big risks and their audience loves them for it – which is something we as marketeers we shouldn’t ignore.

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