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It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s already time to start thinking about Clearing! In this month’s newsletter, we’re looking at IDP Connect’s Clearing product range for 2022, as well Springpod’s brand new Subject Spotlights, designed to give prospective students a taste of what to expect from their chosen course at your institution.

After another busy Clearing across WhatUni and Complete University Guide, IDP Connect are back with their new Clearing 2022 product range, just before the festive period as usual. In 2021, IDP Connect saw similar levels of traffic YOY (806k sessions delivered across July-September 2021, down 6% on 2020, with almost 160k users on-site on A-Level Results Day alone) but with total Clearing interactions up 11%, these sites continue to lead the way regarding Clearing information and guidance for prospects.

This year’s product range retains the usual suspects but we’ve updated the highlight below:

  • Clearing Core Partnership: Cross-network profiles delivering guaranteed highly qualified clicks and calls. These can be bought on a tiered structure based on predicted interactions, with prices ranging from £12.5k to £25k (contact your account manager to find out what tier your institution sits in)
  • Elite provider slots: Raise brand awareness through positioning at key stages in the user journey, these slots sit on the Clearing homepages on either site as well as on Clearing-specific content and newsletters. The average ROI in 2021 was 67.5k impressions and 325 clicks to the site (CTR 0.48%), these cost £12.5k but only 8 are available across both sites.
  • Audience extension: Retargeting an engaged audience of prospective students even after they’ve left WhatUni and The Complete University Guide websites via Display (£10 CPM, min spend £10k; 20 slots available) or Video (£12 CPM, min spend £12k; 10 slots available.
  • A-level results day Solus emails: Reach IDP Connect’s registered user database on A-level results day with targeted information and messaging (minimum of 5,000 prospective students reached per email, £8k each; 4 slots available on both WhatUni & CUG).

More information on the above and other products for Clearing 2022 can be found here.

CUBED: We’ve seen massive benefits from running the Clearing Core Partnership profiles over the past couple of years, with many clients getting over-delivered on their guaranteed interactions with no extra cost. What’s more, IDP Connect’s reporting throughout the summer and final reports all contain relevant and useful insight for any institution active across Clearing. This product, plus the others mentioned above, are all worth considering for any institution looking to raise their game in Clearing.


The unique, content-based products that Springpod offer have already worked for multiple clients, and their new Subject Spotlight offering promises to take this to the next level. Subject Spotlights allows prospects to experience a taster module from an undergraduate course, with content delivered online via a short-lecture format that includes interactive video, quizzes and further content. These taster courses are designed to entice prospects to apply for your institution, and already some institutions have signed up for the February 2022 launch. For more information, and to book a demo with SpringPod or watch an example episode, please click here.

CUBED: We’re keen to see how this product works for our clients where possible, as we’ve only seen similar offerings delivered via webinars previously rather than on-demand for whenever prospects are ready to engage. This could also be a good suggestion for institutions that have courses with unique and engaging modules but have not seen the level of applications they need just yet.

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