A landmark agreement between India and the UK to recognise university qualifications

A landmark agreement between India and the UK to recognise university qualifications

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The UK and Indian governments have signed a memorandum to officially recognise each other’s higher education qualifications. This opens the doors for more Indian students to travel to the UK for university study, and for UK students to travel to India for higher education, opening more options for students across both nations. This represents a huge step for the UK in a wider plan to forge stronger trade relations with India, but also highlights areas of opportunity for university international recruitment and marketing teams.

HE is quickly becoming a global marketplace for students looking to invest in their futures. Despite the British higher education sector being world renowned, Universities need to consider a wider competitive set when planning advertising campaigns, not just those that are their domestic competitors. Students that are thinking about studying in the UK from abroad are often able to look at options from multiple countries, including those from home. How does your university offering, even on a subject level, measure-up to Indian universities for example?

For UK universities, a long-term opportunity from this agreement is to set-up a campus in India. Developing an overseas campus does not come without time and financial investment, but it could represent a growing necessity for UK universities to reach and connect with international students. What better way to express a commitment of interest to a market then to open a local campus?

HE is becoming a more dynamic sector, increasingly being moulded to fit the requirements of the students that make it all possible. This agreement between India and the UK creates a world of opportunity for universities to see where they can innovate not only in the way they position themselves to potential students, but to also to shape a more futureproof international recruitment strategy.

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