Thinking out of the box (screen): The positive effect of Out of Home Advertising

Thinking out of the box (screen): The positive effect of Out of Home Advertising

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As an agency we are always striving to remain dominant and innovative when it comes to getting the best results for our clients. We do this by reaching our target audiences in as many relevant places we can, whether this be on screen in their homes, or out and about in their local areas.

Out of home (OOH) advertising is an impactful and versatile marketing strategy that effectively reaches and engages diverse audiences in public spaces through a variety of formats. So how is this beneficial for universities do I hear you ask? The freedom of OOH advertising is endless, with over 250,000 advertising sites in the UK alone, the restriction of not reaching your desired geographic target is minimal. Here are a few other reasons why OOH advertising is beneficial for our clients:

1. High Visibility in Key Locations

Campus and City Presence:
Placing OOH ads in and around campuses, public transport hubs, city centres and popular student areas will ensure high visibility among prospective students and their families.

Frequent Commuter Routes:
Placing ads on buses, trains and along motorways can reach a high volume of daily commuters, making it that little bit easier to reach those prospective students on their travels into school or work.

2. Promoting Events and Open Days

Timely Promotion:
OOH ads are perfect for promoting time-sensitive events like Open Days, application deadlines, Clearing and any other event or program the university may be holding. These ads can also be strategically placed to ensure maximum attendance, adding a QR code to these ads can also help increase engagement and internal performance tracking.

Visibility During Peak Times:
During key periods such as results days, pre-app, late-app season, OOH advertising can capture the attention of potential students, as well as international visitors.

3. Building Brand Awareness and Prestige

High Impact and Recall:
Certain OOH formats can be large and bold which creates strong visual impact. This is very effective for building brand awareness and recall, this is especially important for universities looking to build on their brand image and security.

Showcasing Achievements:
Banners, roadside sheets, train card panels, buses, billboards and much more can be used to highlight university rankings, notable alumni and research breakthroughs to enhance the institutions repetition and make them attractive to prospective students.

To conclude, OOH advertising is a powerful tool for universities and brands alike in the UK, offering a broad reach, high volume visibility and the ability to create a lasting impact on the desired audiences. By utilising and integrating this form of advertising into campaigns, brand awareness, engagement and reputation all increase and aid in supporting the overall goal of the campaign. The combination of large, impactful displays and strategic placements make OOH advertising an effective component of a successful university marketing strategy.



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